If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign? - Albert Einstein

Welcome! My name is Melissa Moore and I love to create! I tend to be a jack of all trades, so hoping that together we can master those aspects of craft and art that makes our hearts sing! Sewing is my main focus, but don’t be surprised if there are other fun projects thrown into the mix.

Let’s get makin’!

Melissa Moore, The Cluttered Curator

I'm drawn to creating.
Coming from a crafty family, I was given many opportunities to try out different mediums. Learning to knit around 8 years old from my Nana, painting (which i am less than good at), beading, jewelry making, crochet, baking, weaving, spinning, and sewing are just a few.

Quilting is my newest love! I can't get enough! I have worked on a couple commissioned pieces, with several more in the works. Not to mention the list of "selfish" sewing projects that is added to everyday.

My website is a work in progress. Instagram is my current go to. Stay tuned here, though! More to come! 

I hope that you enjoy the quilty eye candy and learn a few things along the way as I share what I discover!